Who am I?

Taking a break on the 'Papillons Arête' - Chamonix 

Taking a break on the 'Papillons Arête' - Chamonix 


Matt Wright

Senior technology leader and company founder with experience building product-focused technology teams. I am interested in applying the best thinking in machine learning with product management principles to build solutions that are better than we currently think are possible.

I’m particularly interested ethics and bias in machine learning and have spoken on these topics at length. If we are to build equitable, fair and explainable outcomes based on machine learning this needs to be an area of focus for all companies operating in this area. 

I like climbing, mountaineering and skiing. Ideally all in the same day! Gardening and 6 Music are also nice though. I teach my 1 year old daughter to swim on Mondays; she still tries to drink the pool water, but we’re making progress.