Products and Code


When I left Stitched (my last startup), there were some concerns. They'd miss my leadership, my understanding of technology, my marketing and sales skills, my enthusiasm, my raport with customers and focus on building a compelling product that met user needs. Not a single person mentioned they'd miss my coding šŸ™šŸ¤ . Being a CTO or a founder isn't about coding, but there's something about getting your hands dirty that I still love. Having said all that I have been coding enough over the last couple of years pass as a 1/2 decent NLP and machine learning engineer.

Iā€™m not the best product manager or engineer in the world, but Iā€™m a better engineer than almost all product managers and a better product manager than almost all engineers. That's my speciality.  I also love a side project! Here are a few recent examples;

Screenshot 2018-03-26 16.05.55.png


After building machine learning models, specifically ones based on supervised learning that require manual labeling and feeling the pain of very bad tools in this area Felix and I took it upon oursleves to improve the situation and build a free, simple text labeling project. Other options exist but either suck, or a amazing, but not free. This project was heavily inspired by the excellent commercial tool : Prodigy

House Price Choropleths

Using some great Open Data from the Land Registry. I built a python notebook that compares one years house prices with another, and shows the changes in percentage terms, by postcode sector. The hardest part was actually getting accurate topojson files for the UK postcodes. Turns out geolocation data and mapping schemes is quite the bag of šŸs!. 

Use of python, pandas, the excellent folium which helps you deal with leaflet.js and all the D3 fun. 

Changing prices of houses in the Bristol region. 2017-2018. (Darker means a greater increase in price)

Changing prices of houses in the Bristol region. 2017-2018. (Darker means a greater increase in price)