Values for humans


What's this all about then?

I'm an optomist, and broadly have a positive outlook on how AI and Machine Learning will affect humanity in the long run. That said, from havnig been working in the area and building machine learning models for the last couple of years, a few things concern me. I want to share the positive aspects of machine learning and what it can do, but shine a light on the decissions we need to make to ensure the impacts are as positive as we can make them. We can do that by focusing on outcomes and values, as well as the technical side. Now the scary stuff....

Have you seen Black Mirror? If not go watch all 4 series. I'll wait......Done? That was intense right? Some seriously dystopian future filled with unintended outcomes and people gone insane, or AI gone insane, with swirly knives. I don't want that future. I don't want my daughter to grow up in that future. If we don't think about ethics and outcomes in AI and Machine Learning, this is what will happen. It is happening. This newsletter's goal is to highlight concerns in this area, while promoting technology and always trying to keep the focus on our humanity and connection to the outdoors. The newsletter will stick broadly to these themes and values: 

Designed by Humans

Outcomes over algorithms
Align outcomes with human needs
Hide complexity to produce wonderful interfaces
Own the whole problem

Diversity and Inclusion  (Avoiding a dystopian future)

Avoid Black Mirror by giving everyone a say in the future
Seek a wide range of thoughts for each machine learning model
Create plans for unexpected outcomes
Constant monitoring of results
A drive for bias free models
Try not to design for the Top 1% of humanity
Don’t leave people behind
Burst your filter bubble every now and again

Champion Ethics 

Ask uncomfortable questions
Force thinking things through 


Every business outcome should have a tangible charitable outcome
Make software free, where we can.


Keep peoples data safe
Protect the rights of the individual
Protect democracy through action and education
Take a stand


Help people understand the responsibility AI requires
Call out poor behaviour


Get outside, Sun is good for you. 
Talk to other humans.